Hemant Rao is a singer/songwriter who has returned from Vancouver to his hometown of Montreal. His new album  "Lavender" is now available on Itunes and CDbaby.

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Fourth Album Review Is In 

Tom Harrison from The Vancouver Province Newspaper has actually  reviewed the first two albums as well. Here is his review for Lavender:

HEMANT RAO: Lavender (Independent)
Now based in Montreal, Rao once played Vancouver's coffee shops and bars, where he revealed a songwriting talent that favoured the simple and direct. His Lavender debut features a light, lilting voice and some colourful, attractive guitar. There is a detectable rhythm and blues root to a song such as Love Can Become while Mother is a complex swirl of melody and expression. By contrast, Have Fun is the kind of rock The Police might have done at the trio's most straightforward. B TH

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